The Dating Naked Trailer Is Filled With As Much Nudity As You'd Guess

Due to the nudity present in the first trailer for the series, it’s certainly NSFW-ish, although the genitalia present is censored out. So, hold on to your butts, and take a look at the brand new trailer.

VH1 has produced plenty of reality programs over the years, but they’ve hit the weirdo jackpot with Dating Naked, a show which is literally about dating people in the nude over the course of a few days. The premise of the series is pretty simple, and doesn’t seem to have cost VH1 much in terms of production budget. During each episode, a man and a woman travel to an exotic tropical resort. Each are given the opportunity to date two different naked suitors in an environment that “ strip(s) away the artifices of our modern world.” Most of it looks something like this…


Getting naked on camera is about as awkward as you might expect. The trailer spotlights a few of the men and women trying this new sort of dating tactic. Many of them state they have tried different ways of dating in the past to little avail, leading them to give Dating Naked a shot. It’s super strange to see a bunch of nude individuals trying to break the ice without seeming creepy in VH1’s new, nude realm, but everyone manages and the rest of the trailer features the usual dating series drama and chicanery.

VH1 greenlighted the reality series back in February. At the time, the Dating Naked concept seemed completely ludicrous and somewhat novel, but now that we get a glimpse of how the show will actually be playing out onscreen, it actually looks like every other dating series out there, just with the gimmicky flesh component. That’s probably bad news if VH1 was hoping for groundbreaking shock value with the series, but I guess that’s what happens when network censors interfere.

Season 1 of Dating Naked is set to premiere this Thursday, July 17 at 9 p.m. ET (You know it’s not truly shockworthy if it doesn’t even nab the 10 p.m. slot). Ten episodes have been produced for the show’s first season, but if that sort of nudity isn’t your thing, you can always check out Syfy’s more artsy series Naked Vegas.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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