Spoiler alert! As Desperate Housewives winds its way towards the series finale, word has gotten out that things are about to get serious on Wisteria Lane. Deadly serious, that is – apparently an episode is filming right now in which a major character from the show will meet their demise. But who will it be?

EW had the scoop from a source on the show that we’ll see someone die in an episode to air very soon – but if you are looking to find out who is facing their last days, you’ll have to wait and tune in. The cast of the show only just found out this week, and no one is leaking the name of the soon-to-be-departed resident of Wisteria Lane. ABC has been careful to keep storylines under wraps and let fans enjoy the unraveling of the last season of the long-running series; but teasing viewers with this news has to be irresistible. It’s not the first time they’ve suggested a major character would die in the final season – this is really just confirmation of what was hinted at shortly after the series cancellation was announced.

Although the series is coming to an end after this season, showrunners won’t button everything up neatly for the finale. Bob Daily, executive producer on Housewives put it this way:
We don’t want to tie up every loose end. We want it to look like life goes on on Wisteria Lane

So yes, it looks like someone major to the series is going to die soon, but we don’t know who. And no, you can’t expect a nice neat ending to Desperate Housewives, but it does sound like an interesting ending to say the least.

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