Dexter Season 7 Teaser And 12 Screenshots To Show What You Might Have Missed

If you were watching Showtime last night, there's a good chance you caught the teaser featuring "exclusive never before seen footage from the upcoming season of Dexter." This fifteen-second video unleashed all of the footage in fast bursts, which made it very difficult to get more than a splash of what might be ahead for the serial killer drama. But there were some goodies worked into that teaser, believe it or not. And we grabbed a bunch of screenshots to show you what your eyes might have seen but your brain may not have had time to process.

Given how last season of Dexter left off, we're left to wonder what's ahead for Dexter and his relationship with his sister Deb, who (spoiler alert if you haven't gotten caught up on Season 6!) now knows what her brother really is. This teaser actually does offer us a few clues on that subject and some others…

Given the recent premieres of Weeds and Episodes, its obvious that Showtime's in humor mode and that came through loud and clear in this teaser. You're welcome, indeed!

While they may have unloaded their latest batch of glimpses at Dexter Season 7 all at once, there were some things to see in there! Here are a few screenshots we grabbed from the above teaser and I've posted some guesses as to what we might be looking at.

Guess: Burning evidence from Travis' murder? Could Dexter be showing Deb part of his post-kill ritual?

Guess: Flashback obviously. Deb with a puppy? Puppy around Dexter. Probably not a good thing.

Guess: Deb talking to the press. Hopefully lying. A lot.

Guess: Louis busy on his computer. Purchasing serial killer artifacts on ebay, maybe?

Guess: Deb's crying. Dexter's (assuming that's him in the background) looking guilty. No puppy in sight. Either I've seen too much of this show or my mind goes to a very dark place here.

Guess: Looking at the image magnified, I'm pretty sure that box says "Ice Truck Killer." It would make sense that Deb's looking back at that case, either because her brother told her the truth or because she's starting to put everything together.

Guess: My first thought was that Dexter got stopped at security at an airport. Looks like they're holding up syringes. But he could be at Miami Metro or somewhere else.

Guess: Louis buys lots of stuff off eBay, not just mannequin hands.

Guess: Harrison's having dinner! Mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs maybe? Or chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs? We may have to wait until September to know for sure.

Guess: Dexter also gets to eat. This actually reminds me of the opening theme.

Guess: Crime scene obviously - inside the church where Dexter killed Travis?

That looks like Deb asleep on the couch and there's a shadow in the doorway. Creepy.

Dexter returns for Season 7 on Sunday, September 30 at 9/8c on Showtime. For a few more spoilers, check out what executive producer Sara Colleton had to say here.

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