Dexter Season 8, Episode 2 - Every Silver Lining Clips: Brains And Consequences

The clip above comes from this Sunday night's episode, titled "Every Silver Lining." Who's leaving brains on Dr. Vogel's doorstep? Dexter may be a dark and twisted soul, but he's not the kind of person to leave anonymous gifts to people. In fact, Dexter's pretty low-key when it comes to his serial-killer tendencies. Sure, he likes to keep a drop of blood from each of his victims, but flashy tableaus and brain samples aren't his thing. That's amateur behavior. After all, those people always get caught, don't they? But maybe they want to get caught. Dexter has better survival instincts. Getting caught means an inevitable muzzle on his dark passenger, and he can't have that, can he?

Spoilers if you haven't seen the Season 8 premiere of Dexter!

The Season 8 premiere revealed that Vogel knows about Dexter's code. The above clip takes that further, indicating that she's looking to Dexter for help, as she believes one of her patients may have sent that brain sample to her. And considering it belonged to the body they found, it's probably better for Vogel if they figure out who the sender is soon, before it's her brain in a jar.

Vogel's not the only one with problems. After what happened to Briggs, Deb's in some hot water with Elroy, who wants to know how their mark ended up dead and what Deb's been doing with him for the last two weeks. But first, he addresses her dehydration.

And then, we have this look ahead at what's coming up for Season 8.

The above video shows footage from multiple upcoming episodes. The same applies to these photos we have to show you, both of which are from Episode 4...

Dora Madison Burge Dexter

Friday Night Lights fans may recognize Dora Madison Burge, who starred in the later seasons of the series, but who is she playing in Dexter? We'll give you two hints. Her name is Niki and her path crosses with this guy…

Niki and Masuka

No spoilers as to what's going on in this photo, but I will say, it involves a classic Masuka moment for the series. But we have to wait a couple of weeks to see that. In the meantime, tune in for Episode 2 of Dexter this Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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