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After another jaw-dropper of a finale for Dexter last month, we were left thinking we'd be waiting until next fall to see where things picked up in Season 8. It looks like the show is coming back a bit sooner than expected, with Showtime moving the serial killer drama to the summer with a late-June premiere for the eighth season. That's the good news. The not-so-good news is that Season 8 might be the series' last.

EW reported the news, stating that Dexter Season 8 will premiere June 30 at 9:00 p.m., and will serve as a lead-in to Showtime's new drama (starring Liev Schreiber) Ray Donovan. From what Showtime entertainment president David Nevins said, the writers had warning that this would be happening so they have time to get started on the new season, lest anyone was worried that the eighth season might be a bit rushed.

There's no official word on either Season 8 will be the drama's last, but Nevins didn't deny that was a possibility either.
“I’m not making any announcements today about when Dexter will end,” he said. “I will clarify that before Dexter goes on the air. There’s a clear end game in place but I can’t talk about it just yet … the decision is ultimately a creative decision.”

Homeland will resume for Season 3 in the fall, as expected and will be teamed up with new series Masters of Sex. With that in mind, it sounds like Showtime's shuffling things around to pair new shows with established shows. Of the two returning series, Dexter's much more likely to be nearing its end, which might have made it a better candidate to be moved from fall to summer than Homeland, which has a better chance of building its audience. Just a bit of speculation there.

As a Dexter fan - and one of many, I'm sure -who's anxiously waiting for Season 8 to get going, I'll hardly complain about the series being moved up a few months.

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