The Doctor Who Season 9 Finale Just Gave Us A Shocking Revelation

Tell someone they can't do something, and they'll probably try to do it just to spite your naysaying. Now take that principle, extend it to infinity, and you have the attitude of The Doctor when he's told that he can't do something he's passionate about. This especially applies when he's trying to save a friend gone before her time, and prevent a shadowy threat known as “The Hybrid” from sending the universe into total chaos. As it turns out though, his efforts in both respects are tied together, leading to the shocking revelation that The Doctor and Clara, when teamed together, actually are the hybrid that Gallifrey prophesied would tear the fabric of time.

Missy's introduction of the two pals during the Eleventh Doctor's lifespan was part of that age old story that foretold a merging of warrior races. While we thought that Steven Moffat was toying with the possibility of making The Doctor's supposed half-human origins canon, it turns out that what really happened was that he was wrapping Clara's arc neatly. With the fulfillment of the hybrid prophecy in mind, Missy gave Clara the phone number to the TARDIS as “tech support,” and the two were paired up once again.

The Doctor's obsession with saving Clara has been apparent ever since he saw her die in both “Asylum Of The Daleks” and “The Snowmen.” Seeing her taken one last time during “Face The Raven” flipped that switch that turns the sworn protector of the universe into its greatest danger. Breaking the rules of time and space, threatening everyone who opposed him, and even triggering a regeneration for The General were all in the cards, especially since The Doctor removed Clara from her final moments of life and intended to keep her alive. Of course, her death is revealed to be a fixed point in time, which means that if she's allowed to live there are massive consequences.

Speaking of consequences, an apology is owed to Ashildr/Me, who as it turns out has mellowed into a more thoughtful immortal than we thought she would. It was through her guidance and thought process that The Doctor eventually realized what he was doing, though it certainly didn't stop him. He proceeded with his plan to wipe Clara's mind of any memory of their journeys, only it backfired on him and wound up taking his memories – thanks to Clara putting one last fast one over The Doctor. When we last saw her, she was flying a TARDIS shaped like a diner The Doctor once visited before, with Ashildr/Me promising to take her back to her point in the time stream. Though it's possible they may have had some adventures along the way.

Doctor Who ended its ninth season with the companion we couldn't forget being wiped completely from The Doctor's mind. While traces remain, the likelihood that he'll completely remember her, or ever see her again, is slim. But if there's anything that The Doctor has taught us, it's that sometimes even the smallest margin for success has to be chased after. In those moments, we can do impossible things, or we can do despicable things. The difference is up to perspective and one's moral compass, and we'll see The Doctor grapple with this many more times in the future. For now though, we bid Gallifrey's errant war hero, his newly minted Sonic Screwdriver and his departed companion a well-earned farewell.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait too long for The Doctor to return, and from the looks of the new trailer, Christmas is going to be an exciting adventure that just may heal both of his hearts. Check out the trailer below:

Doctor Who returns to BBC America on Christmas night, at 9 PM EST.

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