Doug Hutchison, B-list actor and newlywed husband, is setting himself up to move into a new career phase. Up until June, Hutchison was best known for playing the off-putting and unbalanced Percy in The Green Mile and for a stint on ABC’s Lost. That all changed when he married 16-year-old aspiring country singer Courtney Alexis Stodden. The marriage caught the celebrity gossip world by surprise, as often happens when a 51-year-old dude marries someone who can’t sign her own wedding papers.

Since June, the happy couple has settled down to a life spent promoting Courtney’s new music single and some Baywatch-esque modeling photos. The 16 going on 35-year-old certainly has some high aspirations for herself, but as they aren’t panning out quickly, Hutchison and Stodden have moved forward with plan B. According to an interview with Australia’s The Morning Show, the two are in talks with producers to do their own reality program. Stodden has helpfully added, “Expect it to be a reality show like no other.”

I expect it to be better than Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, but even she has an awesome BBQ sauce-oriented episode on Seinfeld to back her street cred. All the newlyweds have going for them is a rather high level of vapidness and a firm set of D cups.

If you're interested in more information on the couple, namely whether Stodden’s mother is older or younger than Hutchison and why Stodden took those Pam Anderson-type photos, you can watch the video, below.

I guess all that remains is a careful study of the child labor laws, though I'm not sure there's even a legal precedent for a wife filming in her own home. Maybe some good will come from this bizarre union after all.

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