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Dylan McDermott May Have Revealed A Major Plot Detail For American Horror Story Season 3

As was the case between Season 1 and Season 2 of American Horror Story, fans are eagerly awaiting any details that might be released about the plot of the new season. There's been plenty of speculation and a few clues about the third season of the series, but no full confirmation of the plot. However, in a recent interview, Dylan McDermott let slip a very interesting little tidbit about the show that does confirm what some were speculating about what Season 3 will focus on. Potential spoilers ahead!

Dread Central caught this possible spoiler, which comes via E!, who interviewed Dylan McDermott and asked him if he was going to appear in Season 3 of the series. He's currently shooting a pilot and it sounds like he doesn't know if he'll be available, but if the project doesn't go to series at CBS, perhaps he'll be able to appear in AHS. In the meantime, either he's dropping some serious speculation or he revealed the horror-element of the third season. By comments made by Ryan Murphy, who said the third season will be "more historical in nature," some have speculated that Season 3 will involve witches or the Salem witch trial. McDermott seems to confirm that with his comment.

At the end of the interview, he says, "All the witches of Salem. There's plenty of them!"

It's possible he's just commenting on something he's heard, which may or may not be inside information. Or he knows for sure. Did he just let the cat out of the bag? We can still only speculate for now, but the Salem witches would be "more historical" and that might make for some interesting horror.

Among the most recent tidbits revealed about the show is that newcomer to the series, Kathy Bates, will be playing a role and that she'll be even worse than her Misery character, which is a chilling thought. Will worse include witches powers? Who needs a sledge hammer when you have dark magic on your side?

Kelly West
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