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Using the weird foghorn-sounding device that has popped up in numerous trailers (but is probably most memorable in the first trailer for Inception), we eventually get our first glimpse of Danny McBride’s Kenny Powers , who will be returning to the small screen when the fourth season of Eastbound & Down hits HBO's schedule on September 29. From the teaser it seems he’ll have as much energy and use as much profanity as we’ve come to expect from the baseball player.

According to the network, in Season 4 “the one true king will rise again,” which likely is a nod to Powers faking his own death during Season 3, but may have something to do with his pitching career, as well. The short clip is only 21 seconds long, but it does toss out plenty of relevant information, including that Eastbound & Down will be returning this fall and that Season 4 will, unfortunately, also be the last season for the comedy. HBO actually already announced this last week, but it feels ever so much more final in a teaser format.

Eastbound & Down has always sort of popped in and out of HBO’s schedule on an irregular basis, but it’s still a little bittersweet to know the show will be ending, even if we have a full season ahead. One interesting mystery is that Powers seems to be wearing his Mermen uniform when he pops up in the trailer, which may go a ways to explain where the character will be in Season 4. We’ll keep you posted as HBO continues to release teasers and trailers in the coming months.