Entourage’s Kevin Connolly may be close to finding a new TV home. CBS has bought a multi-camera comedy called I Love You Like A Brother, with Connolly attached to star. If the project moves forward in the pick-up process, Connolly will play the youngest of three brothers in a fairly dysfunctional family. The series will follow the efforts of the youngest brother as he tries to get his family to see the err of their ways, and maybe even change them.

Sullivan & Son’s Rob Long is executive producing the project, alongside Eric and Kim Tannenbaum. However, Tad Safron is actually the creative guy behind the family comedy. According to Deadline, Safron is set to jot down the script, which will be based on the writer’s own less-than-perfect family. Additionally, Safron will earn a co-executive producing credit and Connolly will earn a producer credit.

The Entourage guys, Connolly included, haven’t had the best of luck since the hit HBO dramedy ended in 2011. The man’s either been out of work or taking a break since the show wrapped up, which makes him the most out-of-work of the group (Kevin Dillon at least had the failed show How To Be A Gentleman and both Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara have had less-than-prominent movie roles). I Love You Like a Brother could be a new leaf for Connolly, but it has to be picked up by the eye network, first.

TV Blend will keep you posted if this one gets a pilot order.

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