Even The Walking Dead Director's Parents Are Mad About That Cliffhanger

It’s been nearly a week since The Walking Dead left us on one of the biggest TV cliffhangers of all time. The episode frustrated a lot of fans, not just because of the cliffhanger, but because the cliffhanger distracted everyone from talking about some of the great moments in the finale, including the long-awaited introduction to Negan. As it turns out, even director Greg Nicotero’s parents are pretty mad about the way things went down. In fact, they briefly stopped speaking to Nicotero. Here’s the story from the horse’s mouth:

My mom and dad called this morning and they were like, ‘We had nightmares last night. You gotta tell us who it is.’ My mom pulled the whole, ‘Gregory, this is your mother, you need to tell me who dies.’ I’m like, ‘Mom I’m not allowed to tell you that.’ So my mom and dad aren’t talking to me right now.

Greg Nicotero was recently speaking to EW about the cliffhanger ending when he dropped this amusing story. While pretty much everyone near and dear to The Walking Dead has revealed they will not be divulging any secrets regarding who bit the dust thanks to Negan’s weapon of choice, Lucille, you would think Nicotero might make an exception for his parents. Obviously, the AMC drama is keeping the tightest of tight lids on who is getting killed off. Although if they can manage to make it to next fall without that information leaking, more power to them. 

So far, what happens with Negan has been extremely muddled. Before the finale, various cast members were talking about how gut-wrenching and horrifying the end of Season 6 was. While the episode did end up being very tense, because we didn’t actually get to see who died, it’s not exactly the sort of thing that would keep you up at night, as Andrew Lincoln alleged. This would lead you to believe that someone knows what is going to happen, even if the fans don’t. 

While Robert Kirkman—who wrote the comics—has said the show left clues, showrunner Scott Gimple has contradicted him and said there’s no way to figure it out. Since The Walking Dead is expected to start filming Season 7 next month, the likelihood is the creative team knows what is going to happen. Whether or not the cast has been told at this juncture is still up in the air, although Andrew Lincoln has said they made a pact not to talk about it, and he’s sticking to that. 

One thing’s for certain: the creative team is very aware of the potential for spoilers to leak, and is keeping their mouths clammed shut when it comes to family and friends asking questions. Even if those questions come from their mothers. 

The Walking Dead won’t return for Season 7 until the fall. However, you can catch new episodes of Fear The Walking Dead starting this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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