Even in the current age of fame, when seemingly anyone can become a celebrity for a mildly sustainable amount of time, it’s rare for a TV show’s entire cast to hold onto their place in the spotlight. But then, few casts have ever been quite like the Friends sextet, and though none of them will likely ever eclipse those Must See TV glory days in the years after the show finished airing in 2004, it hasn’t stopped anyone from trying.

Here are all the shows that Friends cast members put out in the years after Friends ended, ranked by how good and memorable they all are/were. Only Jennifer Aniston stayed away from any major small screen projects after the NBC hit, but the other five actors are on full display here. And let’s start with the worst one of all, which just so happened to be a Friends spinoff.

11. Joey
One of the reasons Friends worked as well as it did was because each of the central (perk) characters’ personalities worked in combination with everyone else. But put a series-sized microscope on one of them from the equation, in this case Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani, and it quickly became obvious that not even one-sixth of the magic could be replicated with the rarely funny Joey. The show centered on the actor’s move to Los Angeles, a concept ripe with potential, but without the Friends creators putting this together behind the scenes, this short-lived sitcom saw its ratings go from fantastic to awful in just two seasons (with some episodes going unaired). Ten years after its cancellation, Joey is mostly memorable for cast members like Drea de Matteo and Jennifer Coolidge, and not for its titular sandwich-lover.

Friends Actors Who Cameoed: None

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