Fear The Walking Dead: What We Can Expect From Season 2, According To Colman Domingo

Last week fans of the Walking Dead franchise were both enthralled and disappointed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s introduction as Negan in the season finale. Luckily for us, we won’t have to go the whole summer without zombie goodness, as Fear The Walking Dead will debut its second season tonight. Half spin-off and half prequel, Fear The Walking Dead focuses on an entirely different group of people at the start of the zombie apocalypse. Season 1’s six episodes laid the groundwork for the series, but our new group of survivors is still pretty inexperienced in the new world. Actor Colman Domingo, who plays the mysterious and captivating Victor Strand recently opened up about Season 2, and how the group's naivety will factor into their journey.

It is a truly and honestly, it is truly harrowing seafaring adventure. Every single episode. It's also deeply emotional. Because, once again, we are dealing with characters, who at the very beginning, of these challenges, within the human race, to kill others. You're not even quite sure whether or not they're just sick or infected, or what is that? What is a zombie? Like they have no idea what they are. All they know is, that was my neighbor, or that was my wife or husband and they must put them out. Because that's no way they want them to live. So I think they are going to examine the beginning of this emotional trauma, that is happening with all of the characters.

This statement, which comes to us from comicbook.com, seems to confirm that Fear The Walking Dead will continue with its slow build into the zombie apocalypse. While the characters have a few zombie kills under their belt, they’re not exactly Rick Grimes and company.

What makes Fear The Walking Dead so unique is also it’s common criticism: we’re back to square one and seeing people adjust to the end of the world. While The Walking Dead has non-stop action and a cast of characters who are all essentially assassins, the spin-off has a slower build to chaos. Of course, fans of the original series have some trouble adjusting to a pace that is so different from The Walking Dead. While Madison and company are just learning about zombies, the audience knows more than the characters they’re following. This can make for a frustrating TV experience.

On the other hand, we’re getting a time period which was noticeably absent in The Walking Dead. TWD’s pilot picked up weeks after the apocalypse began, when Rick Grimes woke up from a coma. Fear The Walking Dead has filled that void, and shows exactly how quick society crumbles.

Fear The Walking Dead will return tonight on AMC.

Corey Chichizola
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