If you’re watching TV in the Davenport, Iowa area, you may have seen Will Ferrell advertising Old Milwaukee beer. To everyone else in the country, watch these bizarrely humorous commercials here and see how Ferrell spells out his appreciation for the tasty beverage.

Will Ferrell is a funny guy and that comes through in these commercials, however, the weird thing is, not only did he seek out the opportunity to do the ads himself, but according to Business Insider, he chose the location specifically and did them for no charge. Why he wanted to do them is something of a mystery at this time, but hey, like I said, he’s a funny guy. Right now they're airing on local television in Davenport. Business Insider doesn't say if they'll go national at any point, but that's the beauty of the internet. (It allows us to watch the commercials we might not get to see or have fast-forwarded through on our DVRs).

Of the three, the first one, which has him trying to apply adjectives about Old Milwaukee to the letters that spell out Davenport, is probably the funniest.

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