The promotional effort has already been resurrected for the critically acclaimed series about the undead with this first look photo from Season Two of The Walking Dead. The series was such an initial success that the order for another round came very quickly.

Here's the first ever Season 2 image. Click to see it in high-res.

Almost as quickly as the show was renewed, producer Frank Darabont fired his entire writing staff and started fresh. A bold but possibly necessary move. If you're the head writer unhappy with the scripts from your staff (Darabont ended up doing many re-writes himself) what other choice do you have? Suffer through a second and longer season? Not Frank. He nipped the problem in the bud and decided the best thing for the show was a change. Let's hope he's right.

One thing the series never had a problem with was zombie design and make-up. They seem to choose the right extras to maximize grotesque possibilities (sorry extras, I don't mean to call you grotesque). And, much to my delight, that trend seems to be continuing in the second season, as this first official image ignores the breathing cast of characters and instead goes all out undead. I love the attention to detail... how would you like to be staring into those eyes in a darkened alley (or a lightened one at that)? Hey zombie! Smile, you're on candid camera.

Season Two of The Walking Dead (a full 13 episodes) will premiere some time this fall and if I was a betting man, I'd put my cash on October 31.

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