Will Robbie Amell Appear As Firestorm On Legends Of Tomorrow?

Spoilers for The Flash Season 1 are below.

While we know a lot about where Legends of Tomorrow will be taking its characters, there’s one in particular that we’re kind of clueless about: Firestorm. Because Victor Garber’s Martin Stein has been confirmed for the spinoff but Robbie Amell’s character Ronnie Raymond hasn’t, it seemed as if Stein might have figured out a way to take on the heated hero’s duties all by himself. But Stein has said that he won’t be alone, so is it going to be Amell or what?

For a new video that DC Entertainment put out, an interviewer posited that Stein wouldn’t necessarily have his other half around, and here’s how Garber replied.

Oh, he’ll be around. He’ll be there.

At face value, one would immediately think that meant Ronnie Raymond would definitely be a part of the show. Yet, executive producer Marc Guggenheim has been pretty cryptic about it all, telling Screenrant that his vagueness about Firestorm was so that he wouldn’t get “in trouble with Warner Bros. publicity.” Considering it’s been confirmed that Robbie Amell was going to be a part of The Flash Season 2 for multiple episodes, why wouldn’t he be the guy working with Stein as Firestorm?

And that’s when the speculation train starts rolling at full speed. Ronnie and Caitlin Snow got married in the finale, which gives him more of a reason to be around. But we also know that Caitlin becomes Killer Frost at some point in the show’s future, and the only thing I can think of that would spin her down a villainous path would be the death of her true love. (Considering she already thought he was a goner in the past, going through that twice would be a huge blow.) Legends of Tomorrow will debut on The CW as a midseason series, so that gives Ronnie half of a season to make Caitlin the happiest girl in the world before biting it somehow.

Because The Flash is such a smart show with its plotting, they’ve actually already introduced a potential replacement for Ronnie as part of Firestorm. Back in “Revenge of the Rogues,” we met Luc Roderique’s Jason Rusch, who worked on the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project with Stein before the army got to it, and he later took a job at Mercury Labs (though he also applied at S.T.A.R. Labs). In the comics, Rusch is indeed the person who takes over the Firestorm persona once Ronnie dies. Of course, Roderique’s name also hasn’t come up where Legends of Tomorrow is concerned, but that’s no surprise, since the creative team is assumedly aiming to keep this a secret, if it’s true.

There’s of course another path they could go down. When The Flash threw caution to the wind and made anything possible with its changing timelines, they opened up the possibility of a different timeline where anyone could be Stein’s Firestorm counterpart, even some kind of an amalgamation between Ronnie and Jason, who could have possibly gotten stuck together in a transmogrifier and turned into a Brundlefly version of Firestorm. That’s the most farfetched way to do it, and also the most disturbing, but The CW’s DC Universe has had no problem shocking the shit out of audiences in the past.

We probably won’t have any concrete answers for Firestorm until Season 2 of The Flash hits this fall, where we can see just how long for Central City Ronnie actually is. But until then…

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