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The Flash Just Added Another Comic Book Speedster

I suspect that by the time The Flash has ended its run on The CW, an overhead shot of Central City would resemble an ant pile, with superpowered speedsters just running all over each other. Season 2 will be introducing another yet quick-footed comic book character to audiences in Eliza Harmon, a.k.a. Trajectory, though it’s not exactly confirmed that she’ll retain her speedy ways while making her way to the small screen.

Eliza will show up on The Flash for the first and possibly last time in Episode 16. (The character is being guest-cast, so it doesn’t sound like she’ll be around for very long, at least initially.) This version of the character will be an extremely brainy scientist who has a fractured personality that is comparable to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, according to TVLine. So she’s got a nice side that will likely mesh well with Barry and the rest of the S.T.A.R. Labs team, as well as a foul side that will possibly put her in the team’s crosshairs. Her crappier mood will probably be quite fetching to Harrison Wells, that jerk.


In the comics, Eliza’s relatively brief stint started off in Alabama, where she yearned to have the superspeed of her idols Flash and the Teen Titans. When she turned 18, she joined Lex Luthor’s Everyman Project, a treatment that gave superpowers to normal people. Instead of being overwhelmingly pleased with her newfound speed, Eliza was psychologically damaged and took a drug named The Sharp to slow herself down. She threatened Luthor’s life in a moment of erroneous thinking, and it came back to fatally bite her in the ass.

Considering we probably won’t be seeing Lex Luthor showing up on The Flash in our lifetimes, it’s likely Eliza’s story will take on different origins and follow a different path. But will her split personality come from the clash between powering up and powering down, or is it something more psychologically simplistic? And what Earth is she from?

Even if Eliza doesn’t end up taking on her quickened Trajectory persona, it’ll still be the umpteenth potentially speedy hero or villain on this show. Last season’s big bad was Reverse-Flash, and this season has the equally fast Zoom causing havoc. We’ve got Earth 2’s Jay Garrick, although he doesn’t have his powers in this world, as well as the newly introduced Wally West, who will presumably turn into Kid Flash at some point. And don’t forget Wells’ daughter, who will likely become Jessie Quick in the future. And Barry’s getting faster soon, so there’s that, too.

The Flash is currently in its midseason hiatus, but you can revisit Season 2 when it returns to The CW on Tuesday, January 19.

Nick Venable

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