In DC Comics, The Flash’s powers can be surmised simply as “super speed,” but the reality is that the Scarlett Speedster’s abilities go far beyond that description. More than just being able to run really, really fast, there are many applications of this power set, and while we’ve already seen a few of them on display in the brand new CW series that has been airing this fall, the truth is that they are right now only scratching the surface.

Looking at both the powers we’ve already seen on Flash as well as the long history of the character in DC Comics, we’ve put together a special feature looking at 10 great abilities that we hope so see in future episodes of the show. Read on!

Time Travel
Of all the powers we haven’t seen the television version of Flash exhibit yet, this is perhaps the most notable and the most anticipated. Using a device called the Cosmic Treadmill – which has kinda sorta been introduced already – Flash is eventually able to run so fast that he can travel precisely to moments both in the future and in the past. It’s been hinted at extensively that this aspect of Flash’s powers will be exhibited in the show, what with all of the shady Harrison Wells activities - but for now we’re still patiently waiting.

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