The Flash Just Cast Its First Female Speedster

As the titular superhero at the rapidly beating heart of The Flash, Barry Allen is already used to dealing with other characters that share his ability to zip around from place to place, but all of them have been of the male persuasion – except for possibly Zoom, whose identity and even species are still a mystery. That will all change soon, as the show just cast the female comic character Trajectory, with Days of Our Lives actress Allison Paige strapping on the footwear that can withstand all that running around.

As Trajectory, Paige will get to cause her share of havoc in Central City, as she arrives in Barry’s hometown with the sole intent on dashing around and destroying things. That’s bad enough, but her crimes are initially mistaken for being the actions of The Flash himself, and that’s when Barry and Team Flash take action. According to TVLine, Barry will be trying to figure out who the hell Trajectory is, as well as what’s causing her to be so villainous and dangerous. As if “Because I’m faster than 99.9999% of everyone else” is an excuse that needs to be elaborated on.

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In the comics, Trajectory is the name used by Eliza Harmon, who received her powers as part of the Everyman Project put together by Lex Luthor. Though she’d dreamt of getting super speed, it wasn’t exactly what she’d hoped, and it ended up causing major problems for her. It’s unlikely that the character’s stint on The Flash will get too deep into that origin story, but this is a show that has no problem bringing heroes and villains back in future episodes, so it’s entirely possible Trajectory will get a story with some kind of depth to build on later.

It’d be kind of cool if Trajectory actually was given her powers by a project of some kind, either secretive or government-sanctioned. That’s a trope that arguably already shows up too much in comic-based media a lot, but it could work. Especially if it allowed for the show’s villains to come together as a team at some point. And then that team takes on the Legends of Tomorrow, and then the pay-per-view events will come.

Allison Paige found her first big break as Gigi Darcy on the popular web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and reprised the character in the other series Welcome to Sanditon and Domino: Gigi Darcy. She landed the role of Bev Walters for the past few years of Days of Our Lives, while also making appearances in shows like Baby Daddy and Younger.

Trajectory will appear on The Flash for Episode 16, which will be the week after Arrow’s Diggle crosses over to Central City. Tune into tonight for the return of Reverse-Flash and tune in every Tuesday to see what else Barry and the S.T.A.R. Labs team are up to.

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