The Flash Just Hired Kevin Smith, Get The Details

The Flash may only be a season and a half into its run on The CW, but it has attracted quite an enthusiastic fanbase. One such fan is none other than prolific director and comic fan Kevin Smith, and he’s lucky enough to have a high enough profile that it doesn’t take much for him to get himself a spot on set. Initially announced at the TCA winter press tour, we've learned Kevin Smith is officially set to direct an episode of The Flash.

That exciting development doesn’t have the most exciting backstory, however. Kevin Smith’s agent simply called up Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and asked if there was an episode for Smith to helm, as noted by EW. Learning that a man like Kevin Smith considers The Flash his favorite show had to feel pretty good for Andrew Kreisberg, so it’s no surprise that Kevin Smith has been given an episode. In fact, the executive producer appears to have so much confidence in what Smith can bring to the show that the director's episode will air during the all-important May sweeps ratings block.

Although Kevin Smith has been mostly known for directing big screen ventures like Clerks and Dogma, he has helmed a TV installment, being responsible for the pilot episode of Reaper. He definitely has the directorial chops to make his episode of The Flash unforgettable.

Perhaps more important than his directing experience, however, is his long history of involvement with comic ventures and superhero projects. He currently has a show on AMC about his comic book store, and he’s dabbled in bringing comic characters to page and screen. In fact, he’s become such a figure in the comics world that DC has been known to give him major inside scoops that comics fans would die for. Kevin Smith should certainly know what he's doing when it comes to iconic DC comic figures.

Smith coming on board for The Flash will undoubtedly do more than just fulfill a dream and turn out some quality content. The director is well-known for his cult classic films, and stamping the Kevin Smith name onto The Flash may be enough to draw in higher ratings for the CW series. The Flash is currently the highest rated of the comic-based series on The CW, and Smith coming on board as director could theoretically help it jump even higher by the end of its second season.

Although Kevin Smith’s episode of The Flash is not set to hit the airwaves until May, we can be sure that The CW and Andrew Kreisberg will keep us apprised of the progress as the episode moves forward. Luckily, The Flash itself will soon return from hiatus, and the midseason premiere will air on January 18 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Laura Hurley
Senior Content Producer

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