The Flash Season 2 Is Giving Joe West A New Partner

With the death of Eddie Thawne in The Flash Season 1 finale may have wiped Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. the Reverse-Flash, from existence, but it also dealt a major emotional blow to the main cast. Barry Allen lost a friend, Iris West lost the man she was romantically involved with, and in Joe West’s case, he lost his partner. While losing someone close to you is tough, life moves on, and when The Flash Season 2 begins this fall, Joe will find himself with a new partner, and it sounds like it will be someone who’s is a key player in the Flash mythos. found several audition videos (which can only be watched if you have a password) featuring scenes between Joe and a character named Patty, short for Patty Spivot. In the comics, Patty is the Central City Police Department’s blood analyst, as well as Barry Allen’s girlfriend in the New 52. The first video has Patty telling Joe that even though she’s still getting used to the weirdness of metahumans, she can be trusted. The second video has her “gushing” to Barry about the details about a forensics report. This will give the series its first major female cop character.


Last week, it was reported that Season 2 will feature a new love interest for Barry named Wendy, who is described as a “spunky, fun, and funny” science whiz. Many fans (myself included) believed that “Wendy” was a pseudonym for Patty, and while we don’t know for sure whether they are the same person, these audition videos make it sound like this is the case. It would be odd to see her out in the field instead of working in the crime lab, but pairing her with Joe does make for a unique dynamic. Besides, depending on what happens in Season 2, there’s nothing to stop Patty from transferring to the lab if she decides that dealing with metahumans isn’t for her.

If Patty and Wendy are one and the same, this also provides an amusing twist on the romance between Iris and Eddie in Season 1. First, Joe had to deal with his daughter dating his partner (which he didn’t approve of at first), and now Barry, his surrogate son, is romantically involved with his new partner. So basically, if you’re assigned to work with Joe on the mean streets of Central City, you’ll also get to date one of his children. Maybe they should put that as an additional benefit on their CCPD contract.

The Flash returns to The CW with news episodes this October at its same timeslot.

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