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The CW is giving us two new looks at the upcoming Arrow spinoff The Flash. While one video has Barry Allen zipping through the fast lane, the other has him stuck in the friend zone. The above video shows Barry exploring his newly acquired super-speed, which involves a bit of testing, guided by Tom Cavanagh's Dr. Harrison Wells.

Cavanagh was also featured in the last video we shared for The Flash. His character is Dr. Harrison Wells, the scientist whose invention is to be credited or blamed for the lightning storm that rendered Barry zapped and comatose. But as you can see from the above video, Barry is up and running again.

He's also friend-zoned.

The other new video released by CW introduces us to Iris West, played by Candice Patton...

So, they're like brother and sister, only they're not brother and sister? And he has feelings for her, which she's pretty much oblivious to. Drama!

It's great that CW's giving us these glimpses into the world of Flash. It's videos like these that keep our appetites piqued for the series to arrive. Meanwhile, last time we shared a Flash video, we also updated you on what's going on with Arrow. While it's probably much too soon to start seeing teases for the return of Arrow, Stephen Amell's keeping fans updated on his fitness regimen for the series' third season with these great videos. Here's "Superhero Workout #2":

And he also shared this video, which has him trying to gain retribution for messing up the last move on his first "Superhero workout":

Suffice to say, Stephen Amell's keeping Oliver Queen in shape while the series is on hiatus! Both Arrow and The Flash are lined up to air on CW this fall! Check out the extended trailer for The Flash here.

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