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The Flash: Watch Killer Frost And Reverse-Flash Return In Intense New Trailer

In several ways, Season 2 of The Flash has felt a lot like Season 1, which is how things go when you spend part of your days racing backwards through time and dealing with doppelgängers from alternate universes. The second half of the season will indeed be bringing back an old face in big bad Reverse-Flash, and it will also actually introduce fans to Killer Frost as something other than a fleeting vision in the Speed Force. Check them both out in the trailer below!

The trailer is seemingly showing us a few things that will be playing out when Season 2 resumes, and quite a bit of madness will take place in Central City. Although I’m not really sure which Central City it is. It looks like Barry and Cisco are taking a trip to Earth 2, and that may have a lot to do with the reappearances of Eobard Thawne and Caitlin Snow’s devious alter ego.

That was a pretty great edit splitting normal (maybe) Caitlin and Killer Frost, who apparently has a lot of fun being bad. That’s encouraging, as you never want to see a supervillain looking at their evil schemes as just a dull drudgery. You want them to enjoy themselves, and what’s not to enjoy about freezing people? We got to see another updated look at Killer Frost a while back, but this is basically the first time we’ve gotten a great look at the comic baddie, and I can’t wait to see who she goes after first.


And then there’s old wiped-out-of-existence Eobard Thawne, who has returned to his old tricks of dressing up in a yellow suit and running really fast. But how can this be? The way that Cisco says he’s “back” doesn’t make it sound like this is an Earth 2 version, unless Zoom sends him into Earth 1 through his villain workshare program. If that’s the case, will he also have personal problems with Earth 1 Barry, or will this just be a blinded show of villainy? I hope Thawne and Wells have at least one scene together, for old time’s sake. Time!

Speaking of Zoom, though, why wasn’t he in this trailer at all? After a season of seeing the main villain in every single episode, Season 2 isn’t doing a great job of putting audiences in awe of the real fastest man/thing in the world. Maybe that’ll change.

Given how depressingly warm it is this Christmas, it’ll be nice to have Killer Frost around to add some actual coldness to our winter. And maybe Reverse-Flash can run by really quickly so that there’s a nice breeze circulating. Find out what these villains will be up to when The Flash returns to The CW for the remainder of Season 2 on Tuesday, January 19.

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