In The Flesh Gets A New Premiere Date On BBC America

BBC America really wants a piece of the original programming ratings pie. The network has slowly but surely been putting together scripted dramas like Copper and Orphan Black, which have both gotten renewal orders in the last twelve months. Still, the network frequently relies on imports to bring in the big ratings, with the newest import being a miniseries called In The Flesh. Now, the network has announced the official release schedule for the new series, which will premiere on BBC America on Thursday, June 6, a couple of months earlier than was previously announced.

Several months ago, the network gave us our first taste of the series via the first trailer for In the Flesh. The series focuses on a young zombie who has been given plenty of medications and reintegrated back into society. As you might be able to guess, that’s not an easy feat, and within the world of In the Flesh there is plenty of anti-zombie sentiment and zombie Kieren will actually be forced to deal with his actions. That’s a far cry from the sea change in Warm Bodies and it sounds like it will make for a great miniseries.

Due to the success of movies like Zombieland and shows like The Walking Dead, zombies have become a pretty popular theme on television. Recently, Amazon even got into the game with a Zombieland pilot that could become an online series. In The Flesh may only off three episodes, but its premise is different and hopefully it will gain support from zombie lovers and cable audiences across the US.

In The Flesh premieres Thursday, June 6 at 10 p.m. ET on BBC America. Part Two will follow on Friday, June 7 and Part Three will round out the event on Saturday, June 8.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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