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The Following's end is near. Or the first season's end is near. Following last night's episode "The End is Near" is the final chapter of Season 1, "The Final Chapter." Ok, enough of the word play. Season 1 ends next Monday night, and after what went down this week, anything can happen. Am I alone in hoping that "anything" involves something bad happening to Emma? She's kind of due for her own misfortune, given what she's brought on others. Read no further if you aren't caught up on the The Following!

The above video gives us no indication as to Emma's fate or the what fallout there might be for what she did to Jacob. Instead, it focuses on the plight of special agent Debra Parker, who was last seen buried in a coffin in the woods. Those with a deep fear of being buried alive are likely holding their breaths in hopes that she'll be brought up to the surface before she runs out of air. It looks like they do manage to find Parker, but is she alive in there?

We'll have to wait until next Monday to find out. I'm also expecting at least one major twist in the season finale. If I were to make a guess, I'd say that someone we "trust" will be revealed to be a secret follower. Is it Parker, herself? Possibly. Wouldn't that be a twist after we're left to worry about her this week. But I'm still suspicious of Weston. He's been through a lot since partnering up with Ryan Hardy. What if all of the drama and near-death scenarios have all been staged to make him look particularly detached from Joe Carroll when really, he's a super-secret mole whom only Joe knows about, set up for some bigger plan. Or a fallback plan. Am I over thinking this? It's possible.

TVLine has another preview of the Following season finale, for those who want another peek at what's ahead. And those sad that the series is wrapping up its first season can rest assured that it'll be back for Season 2.

The Following airs Monday at 9:00 p.m. on Fox.

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