There’s bad news for Breaking In and Human Target. Word is, Fox has pulled the plug on both series.

Deadline posted the news tonight, stating that it’s the end of the road for Fox’s drama series Human Target and freshman comedy series Breaking In. Human Target had two seasons to develop (or not develop) an audience. Breaking In only had five episodes and ratings have been slipping from the promising numbers brought in by the series premiere. Deadline didn’t note whether Fox would air the remaining episodes of Season 1 or if they were removing Breaking In from their Wednesday night line-up going forward.

Deadline did note the curse of Christian Slater (see: My Own Worst Enemy, and The Forgotten). Is a Slater-curse to blame for viewers falling away from the show? Or is it more a case of Fox dropping a series rather than giving it a bit of time to find its legs? Breaking In may not have hooked me right from the start but the characters were definitely starting to grow on me. Not all comedies start out strong right out of the gate and it seemed as though Breaking In was the kind of comedy that needed a bit of time to outgrow its awkward freshman phase. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as though we’ll be getting to see where things might have gone with a bit more time for story and character development.

In related news, Fox also cancelled The Chicago Code and Traffic Light. More on that here.

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