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Last night’s episode of Happy Endings featured a mention of the excellent classic film The Princess Bride, which, thanks to Alex’s over-the-top date, came complete with an appearance of Fred Savage. Check it out ahead!

During last night’s episode of Happy Endings, Penny and Alex found themselves having dating issues. While Penny’s dates were a bit on the bland side, watching movies and eating burgers, Alex’s date kept making grand gestures, one of which was inviting Fred Savage to join them while they curled up and watched The Princess Bride. Savage not only offered a bit of free commentary on the making of the movie, but he also expressed an interest to raid the fridge.

Below is the full episode. If you want to skip to the Savage scene, jump to about the 13-minute mark.

“The director was on my ass in this scene. I told him, you want someone to phone it in, you get Kirk Cameron. You want someone to be a savage you get Fred... Savage.”