Fringe Season 5 Promo Celebrates The Long, Strange Trip It's Been

Fringe fans received a bit of long-awaited good news earlier this week: the show was indeed returning for a fifth and final season. It was previously announced that two versions of the upcoming finale were shot: one that would serve as a series-ender, and one that would provide a bridge to a then-hypothetical fifth season. Although the last season will be an abbreviated run of 13 episodes, the renewal means that the show's writers now have even more time to craft a proper, satisfying ending for the show.

It's still much too early to have any season-five footage to show off, so instead Fox decided to celebrate the show's history with a new promo for the final season. Over the course of 60 seconds, the promo traces the long, strange journey Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, and the rest have been on over the past four seasons, from mad science to parallel realities. It might not have any new secrets to reveals, but for this Fringe fan, it does make me that much more grateful for the final 13.

Fringe airs Friday nights at 9/8c on Fox. The show's two-part season finale begins next Friday night, May 4th.