Full House Is Definitely Coming Back, Get The Details

For months, we’ve been trying to have mercy on the television gods for keeping the Tanner family away from us for so long now, while one TV revival after another has been announced. Well, now we know for sure that waiting just around the bend is Fuller House, which Netflix has confirmed will be coming to audiences in 2016. Wake up, San Francisco, because you’re back in our lives again.

Fuller House has received a 13-episode order from the streaming service, and we’ve got the official synopsis as well, which sounds almost too eerily similar to the original series. For the new show, Candace Cameron-Bure will reprise her role as D.J. Tanner, who is a pregnant and recently widowed mother of two living in San Francisco as a veterinarian. To help take care of her rambunctious 12-year-old son J.D. and the oddball 7-year-old Max, D.J. takes on the assistance of her musician-in-the-making sister Stephanie, played once again by Jodie Sweetin, and her lifelong best friend Kimmy Gibbler, with Andrea Barber reprising the role. Oh, and Kimmy is also a single mother with a fiery teenage daughter named Ramona.

Have you already started pinching yourself to see if you’re in some kind of a mirror world déjà vu dream sequence? (D.J.’s son’s name is J.D.? COME ON!) But no, this is all too real. The news was first made public by Stamos himself during a guest spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier tonight. (Strange, perhaps, since past Full House reunion fun has happened with Jimmy Fallon.) Stamos says that the 13-episode season will actually kick off with an hour-long special that will serve as the reunion for the entire Tanner family. So I’m assuming it has to take place at AT&T Park, to make sure there’s enough seating for everyone involved. This part wasn’t confirmed through Netflix, however, which might just be waiting to see how many cast members are coming back.

John Stamos is definitely back for the role of Uncle Jesse, as well as a series producer. Talks are ongoing for Bob Saget to return as Danny Tanner, Dave Coulier as Joey Gladstone, Lori Loughlin as Rebecca and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as Michelle. Something tells me that the former three will be more into this than the Olsen twins, who almost don’t even look alike anymore. But hey, the more is definitely the merrier on a show like this.

Check out Stamos making the announcement in the video below.

Now set your alarm clocks for 2016, and place your bets on what the dog's name is going to be. Planet? Meteor? Galaxy?

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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