Game Of Thrones Is Bringing Back A Character We Haven't Seen In A Long Time

Game of Thrones has no shortage of characters, and the occasional bloodbath is absolutely necessary to cull the ranks of characters. Now, the show will be bringing back one of the few memorable characters to have actually survived his first stint on HBO's fantasy drama. Season 6 will feature the return of Paul Kaye in the role of red priest Thoros of Myr.

The news of the big return came via Paul Kaye’s agency. His reprisal of the role of Thoros in Season 6 will mark the first time that he’s appeared in the flesh on Game of Thrones since Season 3. Thoros was last seen wandering the Riverlands of Westeros with the Brotherhood Without Banners.

His powers of resurrection as a red priest came in handy when he was able to bring back the slain Beric Dondarrion, but he won himself a place on Arya’s kill list when he sold her pal Gendry to Melisandre. Arya ended up in the clutches of the Hound shortly thereafter, so Thoros’ story never came to a satisfactory conclusion back in Season 3. There is likely more story to tell regarding Thoros and the Brotherhood, and following up on that arc will likely be a good thing in Season 6.

Adding Thoros to Season 6 has some intriguing potential. Most of the action in Season 5 took place in areas beyond the Riverlands; Thoros showing up again either means that some of the regulars will pass through again or Thoros has moved on to some fresh stomping grounds. Given how many people have been dying lately, the red priest may be able to change the rules of the game in a very big way. Plenty of us have been more concerned with what Melisandre may be able to do with her powers up in the North; perhaps Thoros will have a part to play in the name of the Lord of the Light in the south?

Thoros of Myr

Book spoilers are in this paragraph. The plot of the Brotherhood Without Banners is one that is significantly different on the show than in the books, and Thoros’ big book resurrection with Lady Stoneheart is one that hasn’t happened onscreen. Season 6 could well see Thoros dealing with the repercussions of resurrection in a way that neither readers nor viewers predicted.

Resurrections aside, I’m personally hoping that Thoros' return will mean another look at what’s going on in the Riverlands. I’m still waiting on somebody getting an epic revenge on the Freys, and the Red Wedding seems like just the sort of tragedy that the Brotherhood would want to make right.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones will premiere on April 24 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. For a refresher of everything that has been released so far about the sixth season, check out what we know about what’s coming. You can also see when your favorite shows will be returning to the airwaves in the near future with our summer TV premiere schedule.

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