The Game Of Thrones Ending Is On The Internet

If you look hard enough, anything you could ever want to find is on the Internet. From the exact recipe you’re looking for to odd porn you never even knew existed, it’s all floating around somewhere amidst an almost unending river of knowledge. Need proof? Apparently, the ending to Game Of Thrones is somewhere on the Internet.

Before you get your typing fingers limbered to spend all night looking, you should probably know the answer is apparently in plain sight. That’s right. It’s just hanging out on message boards, but since it’s obscured by so many other theories that are blatantly wrong, author George RR Martin is going to continue trucking forward without changing a damn thing.

The blunt and hilarious reveal came during a town hall meeting at the Edinburgh Book Festival. After taking questions on whether or not we’ll see a graphic gay sex scene in the book (he’s not opposed) and what the advantage of TV is (easier transitions between characters), he took a question on whether or not people have figured out where he’s planning to take the last two books. He didn’t come out and say yes, but read his answer and try and say it’s not a yes.

Here’s the full quote, courtesy of The Guardian

"I've been planting all these clues that the butler did it, then you're halfway through a series and suddenly thousands of people have figured out that the butler did it, and then you say the chambermaid did it? No, you can't do that."

Given the stupid number of Game Of Thrones theories on the Internet, it’s impossible to take away anything meaningful from George RR Martin’s reveal, except for this. The ending is not going to be some batshit crazy slice of lunacy that no one could possibly guess. So, Samwell Tarly is not going to take one of Daenerys’ dragons and ride it through the Seven Kingdoms beheading every single living creature he comes across before taking up residence on the Iron Throne. “Thousands” of people have not guessed that. It’s out, along with any theories you might have about Hot Pie losing forty pounds, marrying Missandei and turning into a victorious warrior. Not going to happen.

Something like Daenerys and Jon Snow joining forces, however, is still very much in play, as are any theories about Tyrion Lannister raising an army and turning into the King we all know he could be. Any and all rational theories have found their way onto the Internet. Now, it’s your job to choose among them.

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