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Game Of Thrones: See Daenerys As A Disney Princess

Game of Thrones seems to inspire a lot of parodies, including one where the Houses of Westeros prepare for prom, but Daenerys as a Disney Princess? Yes indeed, here is she is, singing her heart out and inspiring young girls everywhere to follow their dreams. To do this, she belts out cheerfully,"I'm on my way...this is it, I'm leaving today!"

The video features Daenerys as she wanders on an empty beach, staring out over the waves and singing about her long-awaited return to her home. She’s then joined by Jorah Mormont, creating a duet offering a declaration of his undying love for Dany and his dedication to following her wherever she might go. Of course, this is a live-action Disney rendition, otherwise it might include some singing animals--preferably adorable baby dragons--and Daenerys would have a ten-inch waist and prettier clothes. As it is, it’s a pretty amusing take on the Seven Kingdoms' prodigal daughter, and whoever plays Dany is a pretty decent singer, too.

With Game of Thrones posting strong ratings for Season 3 and already renewed for a fourth season, the HBO hit is likely to see more of the viral video parody treatment in the future. I sincerely doubt, though, that we’ll see anyone on GOT bursting into song anytime soon—unless they’ve had one too many glasses of Arbor Gold. I will say Sansa would make a spectacular Disney Princess, and I would love to see Tyrion do a number, as well.