The new single-camera dramedy from HBO called Girls got a feature film-like premiere last night in New York City. It seems a bit odd for a TV series to have a big premiere event but, since the series was also being screened at film festivals like SWSW, it's not really surprising that the network went this route. Also, HBO is inherently cinematic anyway and that, on top of the feature film talent involved, makes a strong case to showcase their new series with an extravagant debut.

Okay, perhaps it wasn't that extravagant but it did look like a lot of fun (some photos can be found on the HBO Girls Facebook page) and totally in keeping with Dunham's tone, style and sense of humour. Namely, a fitting way to announce the young filmmakers transition into television with Girls. Another added bonus of the series getting the NYC premiere was that HBO was able to draw more attention to the actual (and super promising) show by creating celebrity buzz and, more importantly, releasing a new extended trailer. Take a look.

Even though all the spots rely way too much on The Naked and Famous' "All Of This," the extended trailer, in many ways a mash-up of most of what we've seen before, continues to give me confidence in Girls, confidence only spurred by good news pouring out of the NYC premiere last night (not to mention the initial praise from SXSW). I especially love the tagline, "Living the dream. One mistake at a time, " and how you can sense that these four women (or girls, I guess) are already completely fleshed out and complicated characters. I mean, I could already kind of sense their different personalities and the conflicts that would arise between them just from the excellent first poster.

Writer, director and actor Lena Dunham made a name for herself in the indie film world with Tiny Furniture while the other three 'girls' are Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet and Allison Williams, perhaps best known for being in TF or the daughter of David Mamet or Brian Williams. Good genes.

Girls debuts Sunday, April 15 at 10:30 p.m. ET on HBO.

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