The previously released teaser for Girls didn't do much to entice my anticipation of the series' second season. Then again, the sight of the titular "girls" smiling and walking is not nearly as entertaining as glimpses of the awkwardness and drama that awaits these characters. And that's what the new trailer for Season 2 offers. Get an eyeful of Lena Dunham's returning series with the brand new video HBO released.

What will Season 2 of Girls offer viewers? Based on this trailer, obsessed ex-boyfriends, new romantic relationships, job issues and dancing. Lots of dancing!

"Adam is still crazy about me. And I know that I always said that he was murdery in a sexy way, but what if he's murdery in like a murder way?"

That yellow mesh tank top situation looks like reason enough to look forward to Girls, but as an Adam fan, I have to say, I'm pleased with how much emphasis this trailer makes on his role in the show. Of course, being a semi-stalkery, possibly murdery ex-boyfriend of Hannah would put him closer to the center of the show. While it seems like Hannah's concerned about the attention Adam's giving her these days, something tells me she'd be disappointed if he went away. Adam fans would probably agree!

Meanwhile, Shoshanna, Jessa and Marnie all have their own romantic entanglements. Marnie appears to be a magnet for aggressively flirty men.

Girls Season 2 premieres January 13 on HBO.

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