Girls Watch: Season 2 , Episode 2 - I Get Ideas

"Don't worry about messing up, just keep jumping."

Girls not only returned last Sunday with an excellent second season premiere but also bagged two major awards at the Golden Globes. The newly minted recipient of the Best Actress and Best Comedy statuettes already had a lot to live up to since it was one of the most scrutinized debut efforts in some time and now that it's sporting some hardware, Lena Dunham and her series surely have their work cut out for them with Season 2. Of course, there are also those who have stood firmly behind Girls since the pilot divided audiences last spring and for us, having a great start to the sophomore year trumped recognition at any awards show. Awards are nice and all but they pale in comparison to actually watching an excellent episode of the show and "It's About Time" did not disappoint. The second season came out of the gates running with Hannah and Elijah hosting a housewarming party but can "I Get Ideas" continue the run and live up to the now increasingly high standards? As Shosh might say, obvie.

"How long must I pay for this?"

The hilarious episode, seriously, "I Get Ideas" might be one of the funniest installments of Girls yet, opens by immediately addressing the bi-sexual elephant in the room. We already know that Elijah's motives for dating George aren't exactly noble so I was a little surprised by the fact that the former would even confess the attempted and failed indiscretion with Marnie but who knows, it might be Charlotte's upbringing compelling him to tell the truth? Well, tell the truth to George because he has absolutely no plans to share the semi (get it?) romantic encounter with his thin skinned roommate who is oblivious to the breakup and, uh, working out in the other room. Speaking of break-ups, Adam isn't exactly taking Hannah's rejection so well (or at all) and sends her a link to his latest album for her and Eli to enjoy as well as plant the seed that our leading lady is starting to really question whether or not her ex boyfriend is dangerous-crazy or just crazy.

♬ "Standing outside. Not making a sound. Creeping around. You destroyed my heart. Thanks." ♬

Adam and Hannah's relationship might be deteriorating but that allows her to finally pursue Donald Glover's Sandy with full force. Too bad he's a Black-Republican. I've noticed that the dialogue in the second season (so far) is more subtextual and also playfully self-reflexive with moments like Sandy and Hannah's argument serving as a meta-discussion on the series' previously criticized caucasian only cast. Both major scenes with the guest star were great, starting with the amazing threesome banter in the bathroom when Eli invades the new couple's sweet exchange while brushing their teeth and ending with the end of their relationship has they argue about politics, race and Missy Elliot at his apartment. It's often trouble when you ask someone you're romantically entangled with to review your artistic work, especially when you're as sensitive as Hannah and have been prepped by your friends all episode that he should be more supportive. To her credit, lying about having read the essay was probably not the best route to go but he was right in assuming that sharing his opinion would only lead to a fight. Or in this case, the end of the affair.

"I might come later."

I say affair because I still see Hannah and Adam as the primary relationship for our lead. As does the latter and he decides to flip the first season stalking script on Hannah at the end of "I Get Ideas" and it leads to disastrous(ly funny, then sad, then funny) results. Dunham and Adam Driver are dynamite on-screen together and the entire sequence was entirely engrossing. From the comic text exchange that opens the scene to the cops dragging the public urinator with two parking tickets downtown. Yes, Hannah, they are going downtown. You would think the pop-culture obsessed leading lady would know that from watching TV. The moment in the middle of the argument when things turn from funny to sad, you know, "go away," was also expertly executed with the abrupt tonal change hitting me in the gut. Of course, the devastation was soon relieved by the appearance of the Po-Po and the ensuing exchange about restraining orders. Something tells me that next week might open at a police station. As you can tell, "I Get Ideas" was primarily focussed on Hannah's troubles but the other Girls did get some screen-time even if most of it was in support of the main thread.

"This is what it's like when the hunt is over."

Marnie's second season storyline inched forward this week with the newly unemployed character struggling with not having a plan. And also with keeping her encounter with Elijah hidden from her best friend. Marnie does stay mum on the two and half pumps - only adding fuel to the eventual fire when Hannah finds out - and also manages to land a new job after being discouraged out of the art world at an awful interview and encouraged into the, uh, beauty business by the bubbly Shoshanna and Ray. Yes, Ray is bubbly too since he and Shosh are doing so well and planning pig bathing outings. Marnie takes the advice and lands a gig as a hostess for rich old men which doesn't sit well with Hannah who refuses to sell her sexuality (as she downs cool-whip). Marnie does look nice in the uniform. Lastly, Jessa and Thomas John seem to be doing well and while their thread is still the weakest link of the bunch, it's pretty obvious that the husbands neglect of work is going to put the newlyweds in financial hot water. I wonder if Jessa will stick around?

Girls airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. It stars Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Allison Williams, Adam Driver, Christopher Abbott and Andrew Rannells. From executive producer Judd Apatow, Girls was created by Lena Dunham.