Glee may not have gotten its spin-off series, taking Kurt and Rachel off to New York to pursue their show-business dreams, but from the sound of it, the series will be devoting a fair amount of time to the New York story. Those interested in a few Season 4 spoilers, read on! If you don't want to know more about what's coming up for Glee when it returns in the fall, read no further!

Vulture took a trip to the set of Glee to see what's going on as the series shoots its fourth season. While the series will still be partially set at William McKinley High, where some of the Glee cast is still attending high school, the site reports that at least half the show will focus on Kurt and Rachel's New York story. This includes them rooming together in a spacious loft, while Rachel attends the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYADA) and Kurt gets a job interning at Vogue (and working with Sarah Jessica Parker's character Isabelle Klempt). This will eventually lead to Rachel dressing better.

On the subject of Sarah Jessica Parker, Ryan Murphy Tweeted this photo of Parker and Chris Colfer together...

As for Rachel, Vulture's report says she'll be trying to prove she has the chops to be sexy, with a performance of Britney Spears' "Oops, I Did it Again," which she'll do in an effort to prove to Kate Hudson's Cassandra July that she's sexy enough to play roles like Evita. So it sounds like Kurt and Rachel's attempts to make it in the big city will play a pretty substantial role in the series' fourth season, and it's hard to argue that this isn't a good direction for the series to head. It also sounds like the show will be headed into racier territory, though how much racier remains to be seen.

There will be more high school drama back at WMHS, with Blaine and Brittany dealing with the departures of their significant others (Kurt and Santana), but from what Vulture reports, the show will be scaling back its focus on the adult characters.

Over all, I'm curious to see how the show does with its split focus, and whether or not it tries to bring the story back together with crossovers throughout the season, or if we're going to basically be watching two different shows crammed into one. But it sounds like Glee's taking a risk with Season 4 in dividing the story.We'll have to wait and see if it works out when the show returns this September (9/13) on its new night (Thursdays).

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