Glee Watch: Season 4 - Naked

In last night’s episode, clothing was optional for the male members of New Directions, The Warblers' Cheating Scandal hit the news, and somehow Brittany scored a genius SAT score. Let's recap, shall we?

The Warblers Cheating Scandal

Like an episode of "Inside Edition," the Warblers 'Roid Rage made for an entertaining television segment. Who else thought it was both sad and funny when the female news anchor lamented over how ridiculous news stories have gotten? As someone who used to work for a newspaper, I have to agree with her.

Semi-Nudie Calendar and a Sylvester Secret

Tina is on quite the roll this season. First Sadie Hawkins, now a male calendar. Her latest idea to earn money for Regionals (Yes, New Directions is back in the game!) is to have the guys of New Directions pose for the calendar. And like Kitty says, it's the women who drive consumerism.

I do think Tina is also using this as an opportunity to continue to ogle Blaine. I suspect she has a Blaine a shrine in her closet, similar to the one that cartoon character Helga had of Arnold. (Remember Hey Arnold!?)

Meanwhile we learn that Sue once did a "not so bald eagle" spread for Penthouse Magazine, and Finn uses that to his advantage when Sylvester gives him a hard time about the McKinley Male Calendar.

Don't Judge a Student By His/Her SAT Score

Principal Figgins summons Brittany and Sam to his office. He has some big news to share: Brittany managed to score the highest SAT score in McKinley High history. (Say what?!?!) And Sam pretty much received the lowest. So does that mean Brit is an idiot savant? Not exactly. She just randomly filled in bubbles. Ah, it all makes sense now.

While Brittany is enjoying her genius SAT score, Sam acts out. Believing he can only rely on his good-looks, he takes diet, exercise and preening to the extreme. Concerned, Blaine contacts Emma (who has been MIA lately), and the two show Sam there are plenty of ways to still go to college. And in an "awww moment" Blaine recruits everyone to make a video essay telling Sam why he deserves to go to college.

Topless Rachel

Rachel decides to do a topless scene for a senior's project much to Kurt's chagrin. Lady Hummel is so shocked by the new "Slutty Barbie" that he calls in the big guns: Santana and Quinn for an intervention. Santana warns Miss Berry the dangers of YouTube and a topless scene (or in Santana's case: sex tape) can haunt you forever. Rachel ends up sparing the camera her (as Santana called them) mosquito bites.

Also did anyone else catch Santana's comment that she could get used to living in NYC? Hmm foreshadowing more Santana screen time perhaps?

Jake & Marley Update

Jake and Marley both want to say "I love you" but can't manage to utter those three words. So, Jake does it via song and then writes "I love you" on Marley's calendar. Marley replies she loves him too.

The Calendar Debut

After Artie admits to Finn that he doesn't feel comfortable showcasing his body in a revealing way, the semi-nude concept is scrapped. The guys end up posing in a variety of themed costumes. And even though there isn't skin showing, the ladies (especially Becky Jackson), love the calendar anyway.

LOL Moment(s)

Sam really shined in this episode: wearing Uggs, hosting BRO-GA (male yoga), and putting baby socks in his pants to emphasize his package. LOL

Memorable Quotes

Sam: "Rule number one--manscape! Nobody wants to see those random nipple pubes or even worse, a back that looks like Chewbacca's ass. No offense, Joe."

Tina: "For the record, Blaine has an awesome body and a perky and delicious behind that looks like it got baked to perfection by some sort of master chef." Blaine: "Thanks, Tina."

Sam: "It's Bro-ga. Yoga for bros."

Artie: "Wait, why does it have to be just the men? Why can't we objectify the girls, too?" Kitty: "Because we're the ones who buy stuff. We're responsible for the consumer-driven economy. Those Twilight books are poop on paper and we've turned them into a billion dollar industry." Alex: "Team Jacob!"

Music featured


“Centerfold/Hot in Herre”

“A Thousand Years”

“Let Me Love You”

“Love Song”

“The New Year”

Gleeks, next week it's a diva showdown. See you next week!