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Gotham Season 2 Adds A Wire Star For Villainous Role

Gotham has added so many characters at this point that the show may as well be called Villains on Villains on Villains, and it doesn’t appear that the creative team is done building this underworld yet. Enter The Wire and The Heart, She Holler star Leo Fitzpatrick, who will bring even more mayhem to Gotham City this fall. Is it just me, or does everyone else think that James Gordon should just throw in the towel at this point?

Fitzpatrick has joined the cast to play a ne’er-do-well named Joe Pike. According to Deadline, this guy is the leader of a “notorious gang of arsonists known as the Pike Brothers.” So notorious, it seems, that no one ever mentioned them in Season 1. But maybe they were on a break, or they were just in hiding while planning Gotham’s next big fire. (I’m really hoping it involves setting Barbara ablaze, possibly in every episode.) Also, how many brothers does it take to be considered a gang? Should we expect more casting for this squad soon, possibly in the form of another Wire star?

Over the past two decades, Leo Fitzpatrick has sporadically popped up across the indie scene in films like Bully and Storytelling. Beyond the previously mentioned series, his TV career has taken him to My Name is Earl, Sons of Anarchy, and The Kill Point, among other shows. He was most recently seen on the small screen in Broad City, and he’ll soon pop up for Netflix’s Pee-wee’s Big Holiday. And who can forget the actor’s breakthrough role in Harmony Korine and Larry Clark’s Kids? Relive Telly’s sexcapades in the NSFW clip below.

It’s unclear when the Pike Brothers will show up on Gotham, but we’re going to assume it won’t be right away. Season 2 is set to kick off with an Arkham Asylum-fueled story arc that brings together Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome (who might be the Joker, but maybe not, but maybe), Dr. Hugo Strange and more. At some point, we’ll also be seeing Tigress, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, Clayface, and possibly a rise from the Riddler. Thankfully, Gordon and Bullock will have a little help in the form of Michael Chiklis, although even he has his villainous tendencies.

Gotham Season 2 will burn your TV sets up when it premieres on Monday, September 21.

Nick Venable
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