Gotham Season 2: First Look At Bruce Wayne's Love Interest

Regardless of who you are, there will be some level of interest involved with meeting a teenage billionaire. Of course, on Gotham, it's teenage billionaires that are meeting other teenage billionaires. But in the next few episodes, Bruce Wayne shows much interest and is positively smitten with the immaculately-named Silver St. Cloud. Check her out.


Considering how theatrical 80% of Gotham’s characters are, Silver St. Cloud looks a little too normal. Played by The Goldbergs’ Natalie Alyn Lind, Silver will be around Gotham City for a while as the target of Bruce’s puppy love. But this is Bruce Wayne, after all, so it’s not like this is going to go his way the entire time. After all, the girl has comes from a pretty crazy family.

Silver is the niece of Theo Galavan, a character that has already become a menacing force Gotham alongside his sister Tabitha. Pegging himself as a hero in last week’s episode, Galavan is able to weasel his way into the company of Bruce Wayne, who gets to meet Silver and immediately looks like he’s mentally forming a mixtape to give to her. (Hey, Gotham feels slightly timeless.) But how will Bruce get wronged by a woman this time?

Silver was described as an “ethereal beauty” that is very well-mannered and clearly someone destined to be in an elite section of society. She and Bruce share a past that left them orphaned, but Bruce shouldn’t go on assuming that this is destiny, as she has some dark intentions. Probably not as dark as her uncle, whose game is both the long and short con, but rebounding after Selina doesn’t fare well for our future Dark Knight.

Check out the clip below.

I believe it’s clear why Bruce is interested in making a connection with the girl. Who can resist blasé opinions on foreign cities such as this?

Switzerland. Geneva. Ugh.

Seriously, James Frain was perfect casting for this creep, and I hope that Lind can match the same level of duplicitous menace. Can’t wait to see how his mentoring Bruce during Season 2 will pan out for everyone. Find out his next move when Gotham airs on Monday night on Fox.

Nick Venable
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