Gotham Casts Bruce Wayne's Love Interest

The list of new characters for Season 2 of Gotham has been coming as fast and furious as a Vin Diesel sequel these days. Up to now however they have all been disparate pieces, not really giving us a clear picture of what the sophomore season would look like. The most recent casting announcement however, is helping to show us a bit more of what Gotham is going to look like this fall.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Natalie Alyn Lind, previously of The Goldbergs, will be joining Gotham as Silver St. Cloud this fall. The young Silver will be an “ethereal beauty” who also lost her parents, which will obviously draw the two orphans together. Unlike our eventual Dark Knight however, she is described as having a heart beating with “dark intent.” First Cat, now Silver. Apparently Bruce Wayne was always attracted to the bad girls.

There’s more to the story however, as Silver’s uncle will be “billionaire philanthropist” Theo Galavan, who is also running for mayor of Gotham City. Bruce will meet Galavan through Silver and will apparently look up to him as some sort of surrogate father figure. Not surprising, since he sounds so much like Bruce’s own father. We already know a bit about Galavan, who will be portrayed by James Fran. Galavan won’t be the philanthropist he seems, rather he’s working with his sister Tabitha , aka The Tigress (played by Jessica Lucas), to push Gotham even more over the edge into chaos because...reasons.

So now connections are beginning to be made and pieces are falling into place. While there were important points of crossover is Season 1, different stories tended to fall squarely into either the Bruce Wayne camp or the Jim Gordon camp. We may have a good idea now what the Wayne side of the equation will be up to in Season 2. We already knew that Bruce was going to be working on his own “billionaire playboy” persona this season. Now we know why. To impress a girl. We really should have guessed. He’s 14 after all.

Silver St. Cloud is an on and off love interest of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the comics, in some stories she's actually able to deduce on her own that Bruce Wayne is Batman. While the Gotham version of the character won't have anything that involved to unravel, it will be interesting to see if she figures out what Bruce is up to.

We’re still waiting to hear about the new heroes we were promised at Comic-Con, as Silver doesn’t sound like she’s going to fit that bill. Until then we’ll just have to placate ourselves with the massive number of villains we’ll get to contend with when Season 2 of Gotham premieres on September 21 on FOX.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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