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Grant Gustin's Favorite Scene From The Flash Season 2 Might Surprise You

The CW’s The Flash has quickly become one of the best superhero series on television – pun very much intended. Barry Allen’s story not only thrills audiences on a weekly basis, but it’s grounded in a very real and raw emotional place that makes his tale all the more engaging. We all have our favorite moment from the series, but what about the members of the cast? As it turns out, Grant Gustin’s favorite scene from The Flash is not one you would likely expect.

At a recent red carpet event, the Scarlet Speedster himself opened up to TVLine about his favorite scene to film on The Flash:

When he travels back in time and Wells of Season 1 finds out that he’s travelled in time and locks him to the wheelchair in the Time Vault and Eobard and Barry have that scene in the Time Vault where I'm like locked to the wheelchair. That’s one of my favorite scenes of all time on the show.

Anyone who kept up with Season 2 of The Flash will instantly recognize the scene in question. In order to defeat Zoom, Barry realized that he had to travel back in time one year to learn from his arch nemesis Reverse-Flash how to go faster. Everything seems to go well until Harrison Wells, a.k.a Eobard Thawne, realizes that the Barry he’s speaking to is not 2015 Barry, but the 2016 Barry who has finally figured out how to break the space-time continuum. He ultimately knocks Barry out, locks him in the S.T.A.R. Labs Time Vault, and the two have one of the tensest showdowns in the show’s history – and it’s completely free of any sort of running. It’s not only Gustin’s favorite scene from Season 2, but also arguably his favorite scene in the entire history of The Flash.

Here is the scene in question, in case you need you memory jogged a little:

It’s not hard to see why Grant Gustin enjoys the scene so much. The Flash has a very lighthearted sensibility to it most of the time, but this particular scene is dark, grim, and incredibly tense. Beyond that, it also gives audiences more of Season 1’s Earth-1 Harrison Wells, who turned out to be one of the best TV villains in recent memory. Barry Allen usually uses his scientific mind and his superpowers to get out of a jam, but in this particular instance he had to be much more cunning than we have ever seen him act before.

Week after week, Grant Gustin continually knocked it out of the park as Barry Allen. He always seems to enjoy himself as the iconic DC speedster, and that scene in particular shows how much fun he has performing on the series. With Season 3 of The Flash set to possibly adapt Flashpoint this fall, it’s entirely possible that Gustin may have a new favorite scene very soon.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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