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Off The Map Stars Cast In NBC Pilot

While there hasn’t been any official word on whether or not Off the Map will return for a second season, it seems that some of the stars have a Plan B lined up should ABC decide the ratings aren’t strong enough to keep OtM around. Rachelle LeFevre and Martin Henderson have both been cast in the same NBC pilot.

I’m not up to date on Off the Map, but last I did see of it, LeFevre’s character Ryan and Henderson’s character Ben were involved in a complicated romantic relationship. Well, for those of you who enjoyed seeing them together in OtM, the good news is, if the show is cancelled and this new pilot gets picked up, you’ll get to see them together again!

Deadline reported yesterday that Lefevre, who plays Ryan in Off the Map and is also known for her role in Twilight, was cast in the NBC drama pilot The Crossing. Today Deadline reports that Henderson was cast opposite her in the show.

The Crossing, which is written by Josh Brand, takes place just after the Civil War in a town in Missouri. Henderson will play the lead role of Jason, a soldier who arrives in town and is described as a “troubled outsider.” Lefevre is playing Anna, a war widow whose husband and kids were buried alive by Union soldiers. It’s love (or lust) at first sight for Anna and Jason as they quickly entangle themselves in a torrid love affair.

Love the premise. I can’t say the Civil War era is one of my favorite time periods to be depicted in fiction, however I’ve been craving more shows set in earlier eras lately. I blame AMC’s Mad Men and Starz’ Spartacus for my newfound appreciation for dramatic depictions of yesteryear. The Crossing sounds like it has more potential than Off the Map, anyway.

As for those of you concerned about losing Lefevre and Henderson on Off the Map, rest assured, they aren’t jumping ship. According to Deadline, the casting is in second position to the ABC show.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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