Grey's Anatomy Recap: Invest in Love

Kids are great. I’ve got three myself, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. When you have sick kids, or are around sick kids, it’s quite amazing how resilient they are. They don’t ever question whether they will get better – it’s just WHEN they will get better. This week’s show is absolutely full of kids, and they are all sick, because we are at Seattle Grace after all.

Several of the doctors get called in during the middle of the night, to help a girl who fell off a roof (50+ broken bones), and a pregnant woman who’s baby is having a stroke. The next morning, with the baby & mom, as well as the girl all stable – we get to meet a sweet little boy who has short bowel syndrome. He shouldn’t have made it to his 9th birthday, but he’s about to celebrate number eleven. His parents are so happy that they give $25,000,000.00 to the hospital. Yup, count the zeros, that’s twenty-five million dollars.

Inevitably, the boy starts to wane, and his parents demand that he has the next surgery whether Arizona advises it or not. When you give $25 million to anyone, you kind of get to dictate, right? The Chief forces Arizona to do the surgery, and the parents are desperately hoping it will buy them the time they need to “buy” a cure for their boy. I’m not judging – I’d do the same thing if I had the cash.

The stroke baby and his mom aren’t doing well. Alex is taking care of the baby, and his human side kicks in when he decides to hold the baby so she has some human contact before she dies. Bailey suddenly remembers something – that skin-to-skin contact with babies helps them thrive. So Alex’s shirt comes off, and the calendar shoot jokes begin.

Back to that girl who fell off the roof. She’s president of student council, editor of the school newspaper, and she gets straight A’s. Oh, and she fell of the roof while exploring her own consciousness with the help of magic mushrooms. Her parents declare her a disappointment, and she rips them a new one. Telling her she’s as bummed as they are – but it was just a slight miscalculation, and the result of a low-probability event occurring. Ouch. Later, she’s in surgery, and she is crashing. Cristina jumps in and grabs the reigns. She fixes the girl’s heart, and starts a war with her boyfriend, Owen. Oh, but maybe he started it when he didn’t page her for the overnight excitement.

Arizona is freaking out about the impending surgery, and begs Callie to tell her how great she is. Get a backbone, lady! I cannot abide people who second guess themselves. This woman is a pediatric genius, and she’s cowering like a baby. She flips out on Callie for not “being there” when she needed her to be supportive. Owen and Cristina bust in and fight over the surgery of the roof girl. Arizona is paged out to the hospital to take care of her patient. He made it through surgery, but is now in septic shock.

The Chief busts in the OR to see what’s going on, and Arizona suddenly finds her spine long enough to yell at him. She says what we’ve all been thinking – that when he’s around it feels like a stack of dollar bills are laying on the table. The boy dies, and Arizona is not allowed to talk to the parents for fear she will tell them to sue the hospital. As usual, I’m crying by this point…

Cristina whines to Meredith about her fight with Owen, and the almost annoyingly happy Meredith explains that Owen is just in love with her. Cristina gets that, and when she strongly sees herself in the roof girl, she tells her to grow up – because she’s just lucky (echoing Owen’s words to her earlier).

When Callie throws Arizona a surprise party, not aware of the boy’s death, or that today was his birthday too. Arizona leaves, and Callie doesn’t get she was supposed to follow her. Back at the party, the Mercy West people are becoming assimilated to the SG peeps. In fact, the guy with the nice eyes is falling for Cristina (they kiss), and Reed not-so-secretly wants Alex bad. I totally called that. Cristina apologizes (WHAT?!) to Owen, and they go home together.

After Arizona finds out that the family will still be giving the cash – because of HER not the Chief – she goes home to tell Callie that she loves her. It’s mutual.