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In the still great 1961 movie The AbsentMinded Professor, professor Ned Brainard invents a bouncy substance called Flubber which enables him not only to control the weather and punish competing suitors, but gives him an almost unmatched ability to cheat at sports. In the first movie he glues it to the shoes of his local basketball team, enabling them to jump out of the gym, quite literally. In the 1963 sequel, he converts Flubber to a gas form stuck it in a football, enabling his alma mater’s struggling club to literally launch a football into space.

Now I’m left wondering… has someone actually found a way to make Flubber a reality? If so, they’re taking a page from Ned Brainard’s playbook, and using it to cheat at basketball.

The following video depicts an almost impossible, sports event on a local basketball court. Ok, odds are this guy hasn’t discovered Flubber and is in fact an Alpha. But watch and wonder what’s really going on:

If my hint in the comment above the video wasn’t enough of a clue, you may have figured it out by the link posted at the end of the video. Visiting AlphaPowers.com will clue you in to what it’s all about.