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Some big changes need to go down on the set of AMC’s Hell on Wheels before fans will see new episodes of Season 3 on the network. Showrunner John Shiban has resigned from his position on the western drama with the railroad bent. The news comes only a short time after co-creators Joe and Tony Gayton have dropped to a consulting role in the series. Due to Shiban’s decision, AMC has opted to put Hell on Wheels on hold until further notice.

Shiban announced he has stepped down from the program, and later issued a statement concerning his decision. EW reported the statement, which notes Shiban’s official departure, but also mentions the man’s willingness to help with the transition to a new showrunner.
“I’m very proud of our work on Hell on Wheels and was thrilled to hear the show would have a Season Three. I have since made the difficult decision that the time has come for me to leave. I care deeply about the series and will do whatever I can to aid in the transition to ensure the continued success of the show.”

Unfortunately, the show doesn’t have a back-up showrunner just hanging around, and will be forced to spend some time searching for one before it can get back on track. The good news is that AMC seems confident the production companies, Endemol and Entertainment One, will be able to find a new showrunner. Which means Season 3 should still be happening at some point—it should only be a matter of “when.”

The whole thing is a little bit of a surprise, considering Hell on Wheels was only renewed on Monday, but I’m sure Shiban has his reasons for leaving so soon after the show has earned a 10-episode third season. TV Blend will keep you posted when a new showrunner is found.

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