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There was a point a couple of years ago when news of Homeland getting renewed elicited sighs laced with mild interest, given how drawn out the Brody storyline got. But now that the show has completely returned to the upper echelon of TV storytelling, renewal news inspires a much more positive reaction. Get those reactions ready, as Showtime has announced Homeland will be returning next year for more stress-filled anti-fun in Season 6. What country will Carrie break down in next?

Homeland is currently hitting the home stretch for Season 5, which has delivered a fantastic string of episodes centering on hacked files, challenged loyalties, international conflicts and Quinn being Quinn. And it all comes complete with a side of “Carrie and Saul aren’t besties anymore.” We're still not quite sure how this season is going to end, nor if everyone involved is going to survive, so it's hard to gauge just where Season 6 might take place. Wherever it is, I bet there's a war going on just down the road, so that narrows it down, right?

Homeland has been a pretty steady ratings earner for Showtime over the years, and it’s almost always the last few episodes that bring in the biggest audiences. (Sunday night’s Episode 10 also reflects that pattern, as it was the most-watched episode of the season so far.) Season 5 hasn’t yet seen a live crowd bigger than 2 million people yet, but that could change over the next two weeks.

The next episode in particular looks as tense as everything else we've seen, so hopefully droves of viewers tune in. We're all watching you, Allison.

Showtime didn't just have good news for political thrillers today, as it also put forth a renewal order for The Affair, which will head to Season 3 in 2016. The extended Season 2 finale will air on Sunday, December 20, and it promises to be a question-answering affair good time.

Homeland has two episodes left to deliver a hopefully satisfying ending to a largely excellent Season 5, and you can catch them on Showtime on Sunday nights.