After watching the brief preview Showtime released for the recently picked up series Homeland, I’m finding myself missing 24 and looking forward to this new drama, which stars Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin. Check out the video ahead and see if you agree that Homeland could be the show to fill the void left by Jack Bauer.

Homeland stars Claire Danes as Carrie Anderson, a CIA agent who believes the recently rescued Prisoner of War Scott Brody (Damian Lewis) may be involved in a terrorist plot on U.S. soil. That’s the description going around and that’s pretty much what you’re going to see in the video below.

I won’t say Homeland is going to be the next 24. While the series is written by 24 showrunner Howard Gordon, along with Gideon Raff and Alex Gansa, and shares the terrorist-threat theme, Homeland isn’t saddled with the real-time format (which was cool for the first few seasons of 24 but may have limited the options for the show during later seasons). Claire Danes’ Carrie Anderson does seem to share a similar look of intensity to the one we often saw on Jack Bauer’s face, but I don’t picture her as a female Bauer, nor did the video above convince me that that’s how the part is written. So, I’m going to actively try to avoid direct comparisons between 24 and Homeland going forward. With that said, I miss 24 and there isn’t any other show that I watch right now that fills the action-packed, suspenseful, dramatic void left by the series. I have high hopes that Homeland will manage to do that in it’s own way. The cast is great, the plot sounds interesting and watching the preview above, I found myself wanting more.

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