Hot Mom Competition Opens Up Auditions Online

If Heidi Klum and Brooke Burke have taught us anything, its that moms can be hot. Hot moms across the country now have the chance to show America just how hot a mom can be. A new show, titled ‘Hottest Mom In America’ is looking for 18 sexy mothers to compete for the title. Former model and current hot-mom, Niki Taylor is set to host the show.

The audition process started with a six-city tour in search of hot-mom hopefuls. They visited Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. When fans and radio hosts in Portland complained about the show not expanding their search to other areas of the country, the producers decided to add one final round to the audition process. Any mom with access to a video camera and the internet can now apply for the last available spot. Executive Producer Jeff Greenfield, said, “We figured with the popularity and ease of uploading online videos, let’s audition for the Hottest Mom Online and invite that digital hot mom to the show finale in Hollywood.

The online auditions began on Valentine’s day. To view the submitted videos or upload one of your own, check out

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