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House Of Cards Has Four Riveting Trailers Hidden Away On Netflix

If there's one thing Netflix knows how to do, it's pick 'em. With an original series slate that boasts both David Fincher's first turn to television with House of Cards as well as the revival of critics darling and cult favorite Arrested Development, there is no shortage of brains behind the development strategy. Now. That's not to say that Netflix has any idea how to properly promote any of the potential gems after they pick 'em, at least, not according to the House of Cards marketing strategy.

Sure, in an ideal world you want people to seek out your programs and make sure that all viewings, even of promotional material, occur on the company website. And while Netflix made a splash with the first trailer (well, once it was released on YouTube and available to embed), the buzz has since dwindled. Not much chatter 'round the water cooler for a show that we can't wait to start watching. Seamless link-drop.

You would think that with the premiere and, thanks to the streaming television model, also the following 12 (making a 13 episode Season 1) will all be uploaded in under a month, that Netflix would be putting a little more push behind its star pony. I mean, I can barely remember where I wrestled up these slick character stills. Maybe the new network is so secure in House of Cards quality, that . They might be right but spreading the word doesn't hurt. Just ask the Bluths. No amount of acclaim could save Arrested Development. Or the several other award winners who quickly come and go.

In the interest of helping Netflix, I'll buy into HoC's tagline ("Bad, for a greater good) and share the four new trailers ("Lift the Veil," "Cleave," "Pain," and "Gray Area") even though they aren't making it easy on us. Click the photo for the videos. And... enjoy!

House of Cards's Season 1 premieres on February 1 on Netflix. Based on a novel by Michael Dobb's and developed by David Fincher, Beau Willimon and Kevin Spacey, the series stars Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Corey Stoll and Michael Kelly.