If you are reading this list, you probably binged all of Season 3 of House Of Cards, and your friends are either jealous or along for the ride themselves. At least, that’s what Netflix should be hoping, as shows like this are quite expensive, and depend on word of mouth to thrive. While this season wasn’t as blunt or harmful to people’s healths as the first two seasons have been, we have to admit… there were still plenty of standout moments that had us gripping our couch cushions that we really want to talk about.

Following are ten of these shocking moments, so before you move forward, please keep in mind that we are about to drop a whole bunch of House of Cards Season 3 spoilers throughout this article.

Stamper Lives and Gets Banged Up
Right from the beginning, House Of Cards pulled no punches, bringing poor Doug Stamper back from the presumed dead. The first episode was basically him recovering from his beating at the end of Season 2, and he refused any offers of help. He probably ended up regretting it soon after, when he slipped and fell in the shower, a literal bone-crunching shock. That whole scene is played very viscerally, culminating in the horrific image of Stamper’s broken arm, jutting out in a most inhuman manner, and it's our first clue that Doug spends this season nearly as uncomfortable as anyone else.

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